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Studying abroad is a transformative experience that opens doors to global opportunities and personal growth. Choosing the right path towards your dream college can be daunting, but with the guidance of an experienced overseas education consultant in Churchgate like Ashiraj, your journey becomes smoother and more fulfilling. Ashiraj specializes in providing comprehensive services tailored to each student’s needs, ensuring a seamless transition from aspiring to studying abroad.



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When you come to coaching or counseling, we work with you, your situation / issue and together we find the best solution for you. All the tools we will use


    6 REASONS Why You Must Join Ashiraj for Study Abroad

    1. Profile Assessment & Building:
      Ashiraj begins by assessing your academic and extracurricular profile, identifying strengths and areas for improvement. Through personalized guidance, they help you enhance your profile to stand out to international universities.
    2. University & Country Options:
      With an extensive database of universities worldwide, Ashiraj helps you explore various study destinations that align with your academic goals and preferences. From the United States to Australia, Canada to the United Kingdom, they provide insights into each country’s education system and culture.
    3. Test Preparation:
      Ashiraj offers comprehensive test preparation services for standardized exams like the SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, and IELTS. Their experienced instructors and tailored study materials ensure you’re well-prepared to ace these exams and secure admission to your desired universities.
    4. University Shortlisting:
      Based on your profile, preferences, and test scores, Ashiraj assists in shortlisting universities that are the best fit for you. They consider factors such as academic reputation, program offerings, location, and affordability to curate a list of target and safety schools.
    5. Essays/SOPs/LORs:
      Crafting compelling essays, statements of purpose (SOPs), and letters of recommendation (LORs) is crucial for impressing admissions committees. Ashiraj provides expert guidance on writing impactful application essays and securing strong letters of recommendation from mentors.
    6. Interview Prep:
      Preparation for university interviews is essential to showcase your personality, achievements, and aspirations effectively. Ashiraj conducts mock interviews, provides feedback, and offers tips to help you excel in your admissions interviews.

    Funding Your Degree

    Securing funding for your overseas education can be challenging, but Ashiraj offers support and guidance throughout the financial aid process. From scholarship applications to student loans, they help you explore various funding options to make your dream of studying abroad financially feasible.


    Choosing to study abroad is a significant decision that requires careful planning and guidance. Ashiraj, as an experienced overseas education consultant in Churchgate, provides comprehensive support and personalized assistance to students embarking on their international education journey. From profile assessment to visa application support, they ensure a seamless transition to your dream college abroad. With Ashiraj’s expertise and dedication, studying abroad becomes a rewarding and life-changing experience that sets the stage for a successful future.


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    When you come for counseling, we work with you, your situation / issue and together we find the best solution for you!

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    Ongoing support for overseas journey, including interview prep, visa guidance, post-graduation career planning.

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    We Help People Understand Such Issues Like...

    FAQ USA min

    What are the eligibility criteria for studying abroad?

    Eligibility criteria vary depending on the country, university, and program you're applying to. Generally, you'll need to meet academic requirements, demonstrate English proficiency, and fulfill any additional prerequisites set by the university.

    How early should I start preparing for studying abroad?

    It's advisable to start preparing at least 12-18 months before your intended start date. This allows ample time for test preparation, application completion, and visa processing.

    Can I work while studying abroad?

    Many countries allow international students to work part-time during their studies. However, there are usually restrictions on the number of hours you can work per week. Ashiraj can provide information on work opportunities in your chosen study destination.

    How do I apply for scholarships?

    Ashiraj assists students in identifying and applying for scholarships offered by universities, government agencies, and private organizations. They provide guidance on writing scholarship essays and meeting application deadlines.

    Do I need health insurance while studying abroad?

    Yes, most countries require international students to have health insurance coverage for the duration of their studies. Ashiraj can help you understand the health insurance requirements in your chosen study destination and assist in obtaining suitable coverage.

    Can Ashiraj assist with visa applications?

    Yes, Ashiraj provides support and guidance throughout the visa application process. They ensure all required documents are prepared accurately and assist with scheduling visa interviews, if necessary.

    How do I choose the right study destination?

    Ashiraj conducts comprehensive consultations to understand your academic goals, preferences, and budget. Based on this information, they recommend study destinations that align with your aspirations and provide detailed information on each option.

    What are the benefits of studying abroad?

    Studying abroad offers numerous benefits, including exposure to diverse cultures, access to world-class education, opportunities for personal and professional growth, and enhanced career prospects.

    Can I transfer credits from my home country to a university abroad?

    Some universities abroad may accept transfer credits from your home institution, depending on factors such as the compatibility of courses and accreditation standards. Ashiraj can provide guidance on credit transfer policies at your desired universities.

    How can I stay connected with my family while studying abroad?

    Ashiraj recommends various communication tools and platforms that allow you to stay connected with your family and friends back home. They also provide tips on managing homesickness and adapting to life in a new country.

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